Construction Law

If you are involved in the construction business, there are many points in which the law can affect your business. A construction litigation attorney can answer your questions and provide representation to defend your interests, such as:

  • Receiving payment for your work
  • Getting permits for work that you need to do
  • Defense against lawsuits from parties claiming your construction was faulty or not completed in time
  • Labor disputes

Contract Preparation Services

We can assist you in the preparation of contracts. If the contract was prepared by another party we look for onerous terms buried in the fine print. We also negotiate for terms that promote you being paid on time and in full. In matters where the work has already been done and you have not been paid, we file mechanic’s liens and, if need be, foreclose on the project.

Furthermore, we also have extensive experience in the following matters:

  • Construction contracts (advising and drafting)
  • Delay and defect analysis
  • Claims concerning architecture and engineer design
  • Bond and surety claims

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