Idaho Business Torts

Types of Business Torts


This involves intentionally misrepresenting a material fact to others to induce them to purchase a product, loan money, or enter into an agreement. An example would be overstating one’s income when selling a business. A claim may also arise from failing to disclose a material fact, such as a seller concealing construction flaws or environmental issues from a prospective property buyer.

Interference with Contractual Relations

In this case a person knows about a contract between two other persons and intentionally goes about disrupting it. As an example, a contractor may be building a house for a customer. A competitor urges the customer to fire the contractor in the middle of the project for no valid reason.

Interference with Prospective Business Advantage

In this case there is no contract, but a business relationship likely to benefit a party. A third person knowingly goes about breaking up the relationship. For example a plumbing contractor may have a close association with a developer based on considerable good work in the past and expects to do further work for the developer in an upcoming subdivision. Entering the picture, a competitor alienates the developer from the plumber by spreading lies about the plumber.

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A business tort involves wrongs done to another in the course of business. They may involve misrepresentation, interfering with another’s contract, disruption of another’s business relationship or unfair competition.

If you have been hurt by another in business, you should consider seeking damages. On the other hand, if you have been sued for business torts, you need strong defense. In either case Taylor Law is ready to help you with experienced legal representation wherever you live in the state of Idaho.

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